Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Look at this guy. I've known this guy all my life.
This, of course, was taken before I was born.
He was patient, kind, and did a million nice things without telling anyone about it. He was obnoxiously, ostentatiously in love with my grandmother and told anyone who would listen.
He was a great dancer and had a nice baritone voice. Loved all kids and all animals. All animals and all kids loved him.
I've always figured, if I can be anything like him, I will have succeeded in life, no matter what else happens.

Today was his birthday. I miss him. Every single day I miss him.

So there you go. We'll start off with a success story and maybe it'll prove infectious.


Arnie said...

You need to use the word success more.

Lacy said...

When I find myself with 10 posts in a row entitled "FAILURE," I'm blaming you and your sarcasm.

hilary dilary said...

he was a sagittarius. no wonder he rocked so hard.
i love you and your blog.