Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm very, very, very, very, very sorry.

Setting: Bar.
Ambient noise.

Mutual Friend: (to New Acquaintance) So, how was your day?
New Acquaintance: (lightly) Well, you know - At the hospital all day, went home, ate some dinner, came here.

(conversation dies out, some time later...)

Me: So, you mentioned you were at the hospital all day. Do you work at ...?
New Acquaintance: No, no. My daughter has cancer.
Me: ... Oh.


Jeremy said...

Oh, hell. I'm just an a-hole and I have no idea how to breach a difficult subject. Thank you for the bubbles! They were really great and we put them all over the door!

New Acquaintance

Lacy said...

Oh, shit, Jeremy.
I am so busted.

The bubbles were absolutely my pleasure. I've been following Donna's progress with every caringbridge post and I'm so, so, SO glad she's doing better.

A HUGE Congrats on the pending leaving of the hospital!