Saturday, July 26, 2008

crowd pleasers

In high school, a friend and I took a mini-road trip to Grand Prairie, TX, to see a half-step-above-community-theater theater. What, to us, was "professional theater."

Holy CRAP, was that a horrible play.

The play was a farce - full of wacky compromising situations, mugging, and just the WORST kind of acting. Just a dumb, dumb, dumb show that only managed to communicate one thing, and that was that the audience was even dumber. And the crowd ATE IT UP.

I have an audition for this same play next Monday. It's going up soon at a viable, commercial theater. They're expecting it to be an open run. They're paying something close to a living wage. They clearly expect people to EAT IT UP.

In Working Actor terms, I should be drooling over this. But I keep thinking of that horrible actor who played the lead, and the people in front of us, reverently saying during curtain call, 'now, HE's a STAR.'